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How To Donate

When you donate, you are part of an earth-saving community that supports local non-profits and helps the environment. 

Drop off your donations at any Thrift Giant location. 

Our partner, Donate 2 Impact will pick up your donations for free.

We accept the following items

For Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs:

Clothing (all types, sizes and materials)

Shoes (all types, sizes and materials)

Purses, handbags, backpacks

Jewelry and accessories

Linens and blankets

Household bath and kitchen items




Small appliances

Small home décor

For Drop-Off Only:

Furniture (in good condition)


Exercise Equipment

Items we do not accept

Mattresses and box springs

Unframed mirrors

Wet, rusty or broken items

Large appliances

Chemicals, oils, paints



Soiled, Torn, Damaged, or stained furniture

Used AC/Heating Units (will take new In box)

Hospital beds, adjustable beds or water beds

Tube TV, Tube CRT and DLP (projection) TV

Swing Sets

Office cubicles

Hot tubs

Cabinetry, counter tops, doors, sinks or toilets

Building materials (bricks, lumber, fence posts, tile etc.)

Fuel cans


Scrap Fabric

Light fixtures

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